All registration forms are avalaible in our Registration Forms section right below.

For legal reasons specifics to french associations, a contribution is requested from each participant. After a probationary period of one year, members with status Sympathiser can become Active and participate in the life of the association. Membership fees are payable between January 1 and December 31.

Symphatisant (Symphatiser)€ 15
Actif (Active)€ 30
Bienfaiteur (Benefactor)from € 80


Teachings are free, however a contribution to costs of the Institute is required.

Full monthly session€ 35€ 46€ 17.50
Single day during a monthly session€ 17.50€ 23€ 9
Studies out monthly sessions on Saturday afternoon € 7 € 14 € 7

For other activities please refer to the registration form.

All fees are estimated indicatively.


By check , bank transfert (RIB / IBAN informations send on request ) or near the Treasurer during sessions.


During monthly sessions of teachings, it may be possible to stay on site in the availability of places and under written reservation provided 15 days in advance and whith a return confirmation from Sakya Tsechen Ling Secretrary (room to share more often).
Reservations are not possible by phone.
Please consult the List of Hotels available in our download section. For other accommodation options please contact Betty Bresch at +33 3 88 87 73 80 on Tuesday evening between 06:45pm and 08:15pm at least 15 days in advance for sending the reservation form, or on his cell phone at 06 73 13 17 72.
It is also possible to send an email to the Institute 15 days before.

Strasbourg Tourism Office: +33 388 325 149 . Website at :


Some members hold each other a common meal. It is advisable to contact them on arrival and participate in various tasks that entails. To participate to the meal, you will be asked to return the registration form 15 days before the sessions.
When you arrive be sure to register on the registration list for meals.


It takes about 20 minutes to complete the drive by car from Strasbourg to Kuttolsheim. It is also possible to make it by bus line 205 Strasbourg −Willgotheim.
Departures are at Strasbourg station ( C.T.B.R. Company +33 388 234 323. Email : and website : ).
Another alternative is Taxi 13 : +33 388 361 313.


You are requested to park your car in the parking of the Institute located on the road towards Ittlenheim. However it is possible to unload your luggage at the Institute before parking your car.
See plan in our Access section right below.