Monthly Perspectives October 2020

Monthly Perspectives October 2020

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16 – 18 October, during normal monthly session hours
By Ani Laura Coccitto

“Generating the Mind of Bodhicitta” according to the instructions given by Buddha Maitreya to Asanga.  

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In the Abhisamayalankara (“The Ornament for Clear Realizations”) Buddha Maitreya transmitted to Asanga a kind of a “manual for the Bodhisattvas”, exposing the skills, responsibilities & meditative experiences necessary to guide infinite beings to Enlightenment. The first instruction of Buddha Maitreya concerns “Generating the Mind of Bodhicitta”.
Desiring Enlightenment makes us aware of the nature of our mind, which has the same purity as the mind of all other beings. Therefore, we can say all sentient beings are one big family. Bodhisattvas have joy and courage to offer to those who are still prisoners in samsara everything they need to grow. The text explains how Bodhicitta is strengthened by wisdom. Wisdom will make Bodhisattvas’ deeds, such as granting protection, offering support and ripening the merits of beings more and more powerful, until they are liberated from samsara.  
It is said that this ancient text brings great joy to all who read it, because it considers from the very beginning the result, namely the state of Budhahood.

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