Monthly Perspectives May 2022

Monthly Perspectives May 2022

Monthly session by Khenpo Tashi Sangpo Lag

Friday 20 May from 20:30 to 22:00, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00


Life is a continuous fluctuation of birth, death and transition. In every moment of our experience, between the birth and fading of thoughts and emotions, there are empty spaces where the primordial nature of the mind manifests. The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Tödröl) is not only about death, but also about the whole life of the individual.

In this seminar, after the teachings on the Bardo – the intermediate state between death and rebirth – the initiation of Amithaba, the Buddha of Infinite Light residing in the Pure Land Sukavati will be conferred, whose door opens at the moment of death and can be entered by those who have lived with a pure heart.

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Saturday Afternoons


Les samedis 7 et 14 mai de 14h à 16h :

Chenrezig (skr. Avalokiteshvara), le Bodhisattva d’amour-compassion.

Intervenant : Marie Madeleine Schmitt.

Parmi toutes les divinités du monde bouddhiste, Chenrezig (ou Avalokiteshvara) est la plus populaire. Son mantra est également connu par tous, y compris dans le monde non bouddhiste. Chenrezig possède de multiples facettes, il est en quelque sorte devenu universel et accessible à tous. Il regarde le monde entier avec compassion et est prêt à nous apporter son aide.

Voici un petit voyage à faire ensemble dans le monde de Chenrezig, pour mieux le connaître, accompagnés par les enseignements des grands maîtres tibétains.

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The various centres founded in Europe by Khenchen Shérab G. Amipa Rinpoche, grouped together in an European SAKYA DHARMA FAMILY, have elaborated, under the impulse of Khenpo Tashi Sangpo Lag, on a common basis and in a completely renewed form, an enriched programming base accessible to everyone. You will find there details of the online teachings, local teachings, study programmes and rituals of this first quarter of 2021 as well as the means to benefit from them. To access it, simply click on the blue “SAKYA DHARMA FAMILY” button at the bottom of this page.   

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