Monthly perspectives June 2022

Monthly perspectives June 2022


Monthly session with Christian Bernert

Friday 24 juin from 20:30 to 22:00, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00

The three turnings of the Dharma wheel.
Part 1: Free yourself from samsara

To guide his disciples towards liberation and enlightenment, the Buddha gave a wide range of teachings tailored to their individual needs and abilities. These teachings were then grouped into three classes of teachings called the three turnings of the Dharma wheel, each turning revealing another essential dimension of the path. We will address each of these teachings during the summer seminars of the next three years (2022-2024),

2022 : The three turnings of the Dharma wheel.
Part 1: Free yourself from samsara

With the first turning of the Dharma wheel, the main subject of the Buddha’s teaching concern the Four Noble Truths. This teaching is the foundation of the entire system of Buddhist thought and practice of all traditions and lineages. During this seminar, this topic will be supported by a reading of the “Setting in motion of the Dharma Wheel Sutra”, and will explore important related aspects of the Abhidharma teachings.

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Samedis après-midi


Les samedis 4, 11 et 18 juin de 14h à 16h :

Les trente-sept pratiques des Bodhisattvas.

Intervenant : Marie Madeleine Schmitt.

« Les 37 pratiques des Bodhisattvas » est un texte qui a été écrit au XIV ème siècle par Gyelsé Thogmé Zangpo afin de nous faire avancer vers une ouverture du cœur et de l’esprit. C’est  un enseignement très pratique et très profond. Il rassemble les instructions permettant de développer les qualités des Bodhisattvas. Ces instructions peuvent nous servir d’exemples et nous orientent vers l’aspiration authentique à réaliser le bonheur des autres. Il est important d’avoir une bonne compréhension de ce qui est enseigné, d’en saisir le sens profond et d’enrichir ainsi notre propre expérience. Cet enseignement nous aide à faire naître en nous une attitude plus juste, induisant une action correcte, et c’est ainsi que l’on pourra avancer pas à pas sur le chemin des Bodhisattvas.

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The various centres founded in Europe by Khenchen Shérab G. Amipa Rinpoche, grouped together in an European SAKYA DHARMA FAMILY, have elaborated, under the impulse of Khenpo Tashi Sangpo Lag, on a common basis and in a completely renewed form, an enriched programming base accessible to everyone. You will find there details of the online teachings, local teachings, study programmes and rituals of this first quarter of 2021 as well as the means to benefit from them. To access it, simply click on the blue “SAKYA DHARMA FAMILY” button at the bottom of this page

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